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Wonderfully Weird

Posted on January 4, 2017 at 11:33 PM
 The reason I titled this "Wonderfully Weird", is because - some of the things I've recently done didn't seem to fit into what I call "my regular" but after I had a chance to experience turned out to be quite wonderful - or cool - or whatever word you'd like to use to express great gratification.

 A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to take my wife to a Richard Elliott concert in Akron, Ohio at this place called The Tangier and I must admit I really didn't know what instrument he played...but by the end of the night - I was wonderfully impressed. Click here for a clip from his concert. 

 Later that evening, ...after we kicked it at a trendy Akron tequila bar (Nuevo Modern Mexican and Tequila Bar) we bumped into him (Richard Elliott) at a nearby hotel and my wife was ecstatic!...or was it the tequila? - well any way, she really made Richard smile by telling him how big of a fan she was & grinning from cheek to cheek. It was nice to see his disposition go from exhausted to gratified by experiencing this pumped-up Richard Elliot fan from Cleveland, Ohio.


 The next morning I searched on Yelp for a nearby breakfast spot (with great reviews of course) and came across this restaurant called Valley Café. Another "wonderfully weird" moment. The restaurant was small (which seemed weird with those great reviews) but the waitress was great & so was everything else! She gave us a break-down of the menu, brought over water, tea & coffee and made us feel very comfortable. Definitely a place you gotta check-out! 

After the nice meal and about an hour ride to Youngstown, Ohio, we reached the Stambaugh Auditorium to attend a wine tasting presentation:
sponsored by the Ohio Wine Producer's Association (

I hadn't told the wife about it until we were close and she was pleasantly surprised, of course.
Now we've attended wineries before and tried some of the small wine tastings many of them offer but this was 1 of those "wonderfully weird" moments for the both of us.

 Our first impression was like wow! The auditorium looked stunning and as we walked into 1 of the ballrooms, there was a guy singing classical music on the stage. (See here). Weird...but wonderful; and he sounded pretty good! We were also shocked to see how classy it was!
There were wine producers there from near & far and a lot of really nice people too - or was it the wine! Whatever the case, we really enjoyed the experience and picked-up a few tasty wines in the process.




 Doing things a bit differently from your usual routine may seem a bit weird but planning it with (HTA) can make it "wonderfully weird".

 For more info about these locations or to have (HTA) prepare your next us today at 216-956-6418.

We'll be glad to assist.

"Land, Sea or Air; We'll Get You There"

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