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Flying Soon? The Wrong Seat - May Be The Right Seat.

Posted on September 25, 2013 at 11:13 PM
 While boarding a flight earlier this year, me and my wife got to our seats only to find someone had been in 1 of our seats! (And you know it was the window seat!)

 My wife exclaimed immediately to the gentleman, "Sir, I think you're in the wrong seat." "No," he said. "I think this is my seat." My wife started to look for her ticket but I realized, he probably had the middle seat and traveling alone, probably didn't want to sit between 2 strangers.

 Hmm, I thought...and told my's all good - I'll take the middle Hun...let's go on vacation!

 As we started our take-off to Jamaica, I figured I'd use this opportunity to promote our travel agency and possibly gain another client.

 What I learned was that this gentleman was also a business owner. Him & his wife were co-owners of their own photography company; Born and raised in Jamaica; established and seemed to be doing very well.

 Needless to say, not only did we exchange business cards, we laughed and talked nearly the whole flight! My wife was looking like, "Dude you trippin'!" Ha.

 By the end of the flight, we had gained a new client and as it turned out - dude was pretty cool. Damian also connected us with another business owner in Jamaica who owns a transportation company (GM Excursions - no website yet - but contact HTA and we'll connect you). During a recent trip back to Jamaica, we used GM Excursions and established business connections with the owner; used his services and I'm glad to report - things are going well.

 So the next time you're taking that flight, if someone has your seat - before you call the stewardess or get into a confrontation; remember it's OK to still be friendly with your neighbor - the wrong seat may be the right seat!

(Use wisdom & discretion in every situation - sometimes you gotta do - what you gotta do. You feel me?)

By the's his website. Tell em' L. Hall sent you! The Travel Agent from Cleveland! 

Peace yaw; Yeah mon.

Here's the link to Damian's website:

                 "Land, Sea or Air; We'll Get You There"

Categories: A Bit Different, Around the World, Jamaica, Our Travels

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