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  Hall Travel and Associates

ABC'S of Travel

A is for Applevacations. Click here for specials!

B is for Bahamas Click here

C is for Cancun You already Know!

D is for D.R. The Dominican Republic

E is for Extra - extra baggage, extra leg room, extra whatever... Contact us to ask about it for your next vacation.

F is for Flight; We're here to search for a great flight for you

G is for "Girls Get-a-way" Aeowl!!...or "Guys Get-a-way" Woof woof woof!

H is for Hall Travel and Associates (HTA) your #1 place for creative packages and reasonable rates... and Hawaii packages!

I is for Independent tours - Go where you want when you want

J is for Jamaica Mon!

K is for kiosk - everybody's starting to use them. Click

L is for Line "You'll probably see 1 wherever you go."

M is for Mexico; so many nice places there: Cabo, Riviera Maya, Huatulco, Playa Mujeres, Cancun and so many more...

N is for "No Stress" that's what's really important on vacation!"

O is for Ocean; You Must try an ocean-liner cruise. Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian cruise lines usually come to mind.

P is for Puerto Rico "Let's Get There!"

Q is for "queue" those who know - will always see one on holiday [see "L"]

R is for rum

S is for sand, sun and fun (well you get the picture)

T is for Time... time is so important on cruises. Contact us to find out why

U is for umbrella - sometimes Not associated with a good time on vacation-when raining

V is for van transfers (cheap...sometimes good- sometimes bad & stuffed). Contact (HTA) to find out about private transfers or cheap van transfers to save a buck

W is for weather. Nice weather is ideal...but some can enjoy in any condition

X is for x-ray. It's a dog-gone shame I can remember that reference from elementary school & still see them in every airport

Y is for You. You should be ready for a get-a-way just about now!

Z is for....not zebra (wait a minute -

why Not?) Go see a zebra in Africa; We'll set you up with a great vacation package there!


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